About Tailor Made

The Tailor Made Homeschool Support Group provides homeschooling parents the support they need to design a custom fit education for each of their children.  Encouraging parents to help their children find beauty and balance in learning is our goal.  In so doing, we hope every parent will come to enjoy fashioning their family’s home education wardrobes.

Tailor Made Home Scholars live in or near DeWitt County, Texas.  Support group meetings, park days, field trips, family get-togethers, co-op classes, private horsemanship lessons, contests, fairs, service opportunities, MNO, and more are all made possible by the combined efforts of member families.  Tailor Made Home Scholars seek to bless the surrounding community by demonstrating that learning takes place all the time, in any location.

May God bless us all as we enjoy our lives as Tailors.


10 thoughts on “About Tailor Made

  1. We are moving to the area and are wondering how many homeschoolers there are around the Cuero area and if there are many teens/tweens. We have 9 yo/4th grade, 12 yo/7th grade, and 15 yo/11th grade daughters at home. Our sons already graduated from homeschooling and are in college. Thanks!

    • We have somewhere between 30-40 families in our group, with between 15-20 that are very active. A dozen, or more of the moms will be at theLaying Down the Rails workshop. Actually, there are quite a few girls in your daughters’ age range. If you’d like, I will send you an invitation to join our e-group. You’ll need to introduce your family in an introductory post. Just let me know. Blessings!

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