Already April!

It’s already April.  Spring is here!  Many families are planning for next year’s studies and activities, while others are just getting into their year’s worth of learning.  Join us for park days, suggest field trips, or organize a get together and let us know the time and place to meet.  Note registration deadlines for the various conventions during the summer.  They are fast approaching.  Enjoy the beautiful blooms!

April Activities:

3 – Park Day

10 – Park Day

15 – Early-Bird Registration Deadline (THSC Convention, The Woodlands)

16 – TM Planning Meeting (Diane) 

Plan to attend the Annual Tailor Made planning meeting.  Sign up to serve as hostess for one, or more meetings.  Suggest/plan field trips.  Offer classes.  Organize family events and enjoy good food and fellowship as we add our ideas for the next year to the calendar.

16 – Pre-Registration Deadline (THSC Convention, Arlington)  NOTE:  The Duggar’s will be in Arlington this year.

16-May 31 – Pre-Registration (THSC Convention, The Woodlands)

17 – Park Day

24 – Park Day

25 – Carmina Burana and the Brandenburg Project 3 (Final Concert of the Victoria Symphony’s 41st season)—carmina-burana-and-the-brandenburg-project-3

FEAST Convention (San Antonio,) June 4-6, 2015  For more information:


Marching into March!

Yes, this post has a cheesy title.  Had to have fun with it.

It’s Texas History Month!  Check out all the fun links to websites and event information that members are sharing on the e-group.

March Tailor Made Calendar of Events:

2- Classical Conversations Parent Info. Meeting at Chick-Fil-A in Victoria from 9-11 a.m.

5- Book Study Group Chapter 8 “Escaping”

6- Park Day

8- Daylight Savings’ Time begins.

13- Park Day

19- TM Monthly Meeting at Kelley’s home.  We will have our annual Curriculum Look, so please send posts to the e-group if there are any specific resources you’d like to see at the meeting.  Bring favorites for “show and tell.”  We will also enjoy a homemade bread demonstration.

19- Book Study Group Chapter 9 “Taming the Beast of Housework”

20- Park Day

27- Park Day

Various families take a “Spring Break” at different times throughout this month and next.  This means that Park Days will either be full, or empty.  Don’t fret.  It should be warming up soon.  There will be plenty of time to get together and enjoy the sunshine.  Please post your park day plans, field trip ideas, and other springtime events to the e-group.