And, the Winners are…

The turnout for the Second Annual Field Day was incredible!  There were almost 50 kids ranging from infants to highschool age.  The races were loads of fun and the food and fellowship was wonderful.  Next year’s plans are already in the works.  Start planning now to attend.  Who knows whose names will be on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons next time?

2014 Field Day Awards


1st- Howdy, Faith, Posie, Ellie

2nd- Austin C., Kate, Gavin, Ember

3rd- Joseph, Thomas, Austin, Katelyn


Egg Race:

1st- Nate, Anna, Austin, Oscar

2nd- Joseph, Thomas, Gavin, Aldo

3rd- Colby, Daniel, Kalen, Ember


Sack Race:

1st- Nate, Kate, Ember, Aldo

2nd- Austin C., Anna, Posie, Oscar

3rd- Dillon, Tommy, Gavin, Will


3 Legged Race:

1st- Anna/Ryleigh, Faith/Kate, Posie/Ellie, Austin/Gavin

2nd- Joseph/Nate, Dillon/Jack, Julia/Katelyn, Ember/Kara

3rd- Katherine/Katy, Tommy/Thomas, Will/Ace, Oscar/Marvi


Hula Hoops:

1st- Gavin, Ryleigh, Katherine, Kate, Austin, Dillon

2nd- Katy, Posie, Joseph, Faith, Kalen, Jack

3rd- Robert, Will, Nate, Tommy, Anna, Austin C.


Timed Hurdles:


1st- Austin C.

2nd- Joseph

3rd- Howdy


1st- Faith

2nd- Kate

3rd- Thomas


1st-  Posie

2nd- Austin

3rd- Gavin

Littles (over):

1st- Ember

2nd- Aldo

3rd- Ellie

Littles (around):

1st- Oscar

2nd- Caden

3rd- Nathan



Field Day is Finally Here!

We’ve waited all year for our annual Field Day and now it’s time to celebrate!

The Second Annual Tailor Made Field Day will be held this Friday at Alexander Park.  Children and Parents of all ages are encouraged to attend AND participate.  There will be plenty of food and fellowship, so come out for an exciting day with friends and family.

Some of the events include:

Sack race, water balloon race, 3 legged race, egg race, 50 yd. dash, leap frog, water balloons, and hula hoops.

1st-3rd place ribbons will be awarded.  Bring a family flag to display during the opening ceremonies.

If you still need to sign up, please contact Erica through the e-group.