First Semester of Co-op Comes to a Close

The Writer’s Block Co-op, ETC. came to a close with the last meeting for the semester.  The writers have worked diligently through the process of a mini-research paper and will look forward to some time off.  Next semester will be filled with creative pursuits.

The sibling’s Texas history class enjoyed completing their own story and have become quite familiar with singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas!”  Theirs has been a class full of fun and facts.  Thanks, Mrs. D!

The classical ballet class has been a beauty to behold.  Sweet ballerinas fill the space with pretty Scripture and graceful dance.  Thanks, Mrs. G!

The game boys have enjoyed their time together just being boys!  It’s been a welcome time for them to have friends with whom to hang out and play outdoor games in the courtyard.  Thanks for your supervision, Mrs. S!

Mark your calendars!  Co-op begins again, January 6th, 2014!


Writer’s Block Heads Back to Class

Our second break has come to an end.  We will meet for the next three Mondays.  The first class will cover fused outlines.  The second and third class meetings during November will be used to prepare and write a mini-research paper.  The writers will certainly enjoy their Thanksgiving party.  This semester has been filled with several papers.  The nice long break until January will be a nice time for class members to write according to their own interests.  Using what they’ve learned will make it easier to get back to work in the New Year.