Come & Take It Celebration in Gonzales

Our first field trip of the year will be to attend the Come & Take it Celebration in Gonzales on Saturday, October 5th.  There will be a parade in the morning for those interested.  Otherwise, we will meet at the Pioneer House around 1 p.m.  The reenactment takes place at 3 p.m.  Hope to see you there!


Public Speaking

The first opportunity for Public Speaking practice will be Friday, September 27th during the regularly scheduled Park Day.  For more information, contact Erica, or check the e-group for the current discussion.  Poetry, memorized verses or stories, songs, or other types of presentations are fine, just remember they must be family friendly.

Writer’s Block Co-op Begins a New Year

The Writer’s Block Co-op began a new year Monday.  Eleven families have chosen to come together three times per month for an afternoon of learning.  Nine writers between the ages of 10-14 and their mothers pursue writing for two hours each time we meet.  This year’s topic of study is Texas’ History and Geography.  Utilizing the structure and stylistic techniques taught by the Institute for Excellence in Writing, these budding authors will tackle several types of writing during the school year.  My Texas 21, a curriculum written in periodical format, is used on a weekly basis to help navigate through our state’s exciting history.

While the writers are busy preparing for each weekly writing assignment, their younger siblings spend an hour studying all things Texas!  The hour usually includes children’s literature, coloring pages, songs, and other activities related to the sites and symbols of Texas.  Studying the Lone Star Flag and State Seal were their first topics of study.  L is for Lone Star was this week’s read aloud.  “Deep in the Heart of Texas” is this semester’s song.  We’re hoping the children will sing it for us at the Thanksgiving party in November.

The younger sibs have a choice of studies during the second hour of co-op.  Free play and fellowship, indoors and out, or Classical Ballet are the options.  Those who are taking the ballet class begin with Scripture study and stretching.  Ballet practice and free dance complete their hour.  The boys who aren’t studying ballet spend time together playing and having great boyhood conversations.  The children are surprised when the afternoon time together has already flown by.  They look forward to next week.

May God bless our learning time together this year!